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The historic former Argentine golfer died at age 94

Roberto De Vicenzo , the Jav Gangbang iconic Argentine golfer, died at 94 years Anime Jav of natural causes while he was accompanied by his family. Two months ago he had suffered a hip fracture in a domestic accident that could not be replaced.

The relevance it had in the championships internationally during the decades of 50, 60, 70 and 80 he was inserted into the pedestal of the national sport, with names the likes of Diego Maradona, Juan Manuel Fangio, Guillermo Vilas and Carlos Monzón.
He began his career in 1938 , with only 15 years and retired professionally in 1994. "The golf was and is my life , " he said some time ago Infobae who for 50 years was measured against the best golfers on the planet.


Years after leaving the activity, he acknowledged that added enough money to survive but always thought beyond the material: "The most important thing is the human relationship that I won."


He represented Argentina 17 times in the Canada Cup and World Cup of Golf and was champion in 1953. He also took the PGA Tour 1957, 1966, 1968; and Senior PGA Tour 1974, 1966, 1984. In 1967 he was enshrined in the British Open and went into history as the longest winning that contest.

He competed with huge American golfers like Jack Nicklaus and South African Gary Player and won a total of 231 tournaments , earning him enter the World Golf Hall of Fame in 1989.

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In 2006, the first museum opened courses in the country, located in Berazategui, and had the honor of being the leading  figure of the event. In 2013 he was recognized as a distinguished citizen of San Martin. "This tribute is a pleasure, an honor, something I could not imagine , " mused De Vicenzo at the time.

De Vicenzo's remains will be Jav Massage interred tomorrow from 13 in the Iraola cemetery Park in Hudson, Berazategui. There had been part of Ranelagh Golf Club.


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