Finally has the answer to the mystery beauty dior code history, who made the scientists headache

Thousands of years of human history has left countless mysteries which so far scientists are still not able to understand. However, thanks to the patience of the researcher, the advanced technology and the little bit of luck, the secrets that have been "loud".

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The giant whale graveyard was found in the middle of the Atacama desert of Chile. Scientists have been unable to explain why whales die series in such a long time until they discovered the skeletons exist in different historic times, with the first whale skeletons from the past 20,000 years ago. Turns out the whale was lying down right where our ancestors had earlier died. The cause of death of these organisms is caused by a toxic algae.

4. Notes mysteries on a print of the play Odyssey

A strange note in famous plays were big question marks in the world is the language researcher.

A 500 year old prints of the play Odyssey by Homer has written the handwritten notes of exotic unknown language. Two of Italy's Daniele Metilli and Giulia Accetta found out these notes is a special shorthand style of creation by Jean Coulon de Thévénot.

Thanks to the advanced technical progress and rich new data sources can discover this. The truth is, these notes was the French translation of the play, the original Greek.

5. drop Pit in Florida

The archaeologists found pits in the Aucilla River plunge, South of Tallahassee, Florida (USA) from many years ago. Because it is very dark so nobody diving at it until Jessi Halligan, a professional diver in Florida State University decided to perform research at that.

To danger, plus a little luck, Jessi Halligan has explored ancient secrets.
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The real surprise results, while diving down under, she found the ivory has a long perspective stains created by humans, scattered all around. This proves that humans have lived in Florida for so long, about 14,500 years ago.

1. The disappearance of the Nazca civilization

The owner of these strange drawings on the Nazca desert have disappeared mysteriously.

The Nazca people famous for the giant drawing on the surface of the desert of Nazca in Peru. There's a theory that they are aliens, however, scientists have discovered that the Nazca people use the giant picture to speak to the gods by moving according to the above ground lines.

The disappearance of the Nazca civilization was a mystery, until the researchers of the University of Cambridge to prove that they were wiped out by drought caused by deforestation.

2. the underground of the statues on Easter Island head

In 1956, the legendary archaeologist Thor Heyerdahl discovered lurking on Easter Island as well as the famous stone statues. He was the person who led the expedition to survey the island.

The giant head is only a part of the great buried beneath the statue.

He also was the first to perform excavations in this venue and discover that the statues head who essentially have all the body parts, in which some 6 m high statue. His greatest discovery was the statues can be created by the very popular tool in the human society of the time, what had previously been unthinkable happened.

3. a whale graveyard in Chile

Collective pits of whales in Chile once did the scientists don't understand the cause they died "batch".

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