Symptoms of lung cancer often appear in the enema porn early stages but very hard to get out

Primary lung cancer, not breast cancer, cancer of the uterus or ovaries, is the cause of serious threats to the life of the woman. The disease do not have much evidence soon so the majority of patients (70%), the disease was detected in the period of heavy and spread (metastasize) to other parts of the body.

Primary lung cancer, not 色情動漫 breast cancer, cancer of the uterus or ovaries, is the cause of serious threats to the life of the woman.

Andrea McKee, m.d., Chairman of radiation oncology at the Lahey Clinic and the Gordon Cancer Center Medical Center in Sophia in Burlington, Massachusetts shares: back pain, headaches, weight loss, and fatigue are all symptoms of the disease soon typical lung cancer. In addition, bone pain is also common symptoms, because when the disease has metastasized, the first tendency would be to bone. That's where lung cancer tends to spread first.

Marlo Palacios, a lung cancer patient 42 years in Pasadena, California, was diagnosed with cancer after her visit because of persistent cough. She Palacious share: "I started coughing after cold-infected by the spread from the son. After a few weeks, the coughing non-stop. Don't think this is a big job, so I did not see a doctor right away, I even canceled my appointment then 3 weeks. But a few weeks later I still didn't stop the cough and feel it doesn't seem like the common cold. I dry coughs at all ages, even coughs in a row does not control floats, accompanied by vomiting and breath. I went to visit then. " 

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After the visit, she was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. Is a person who never smoked, this is a shock for me Palacios and all her relatives.

Ashley Rivas, 35, lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico is one of the patients who were treated from lung cancer. According to her share of Rivas, her symptoms began from the wheezing when exercising. Her doctor prescribed inhalers used for asthma. But the drugs that have only a slight effect, not eliminate the symptoms.

A few years later, Rivas moved to dry cough. "At first, it was just a nuisance, but did not cause much concern. But then it becomes ' rampage '. Whoop comes from deep within the chest and causing me excruciating. Worse, at night I have been coughing and fever, "Rivas explained. 

Finally, Rivas has been appointed x-rays and diagnosed pneumonia. A few weeks later, she was very tired and fever. She continued to take the examination and the test is found to have a cancerous tumor growing on the right lung. She was treated right away that time.

Don't ignore subjective any unusual signs of the body.

Listen to your body and be cautious.

But while the majority of patients are diagnosed with lung cancer do not have obvious symptoms in the early stages, then some other patients may experience chronic cough symptoms.

"Sometimes in the periphery (of the lung) may have tumors and until it grows to a size of large relative may be diagnostic. And in that time it did not cause many symptoms. But if the tumor was pushed into one of the bronchitis, gas path goes to the lungs, it can trigger the cough receptors. Even when the tumor is very small also can also cause the sick person coughing continuously, "Dr. McKee explained.
Symptoms of lung cancer often appear in the early stages but very hard to get out-Photo 2.
Some other patients may experience chronic cough symptoms in the early stages of lung cancer.

If realised this very subtle symptoms that may help the patient was diagnosed with the disease in the early stages. This contributes no small significance in the treatment.

There is a big difference between the existence of early detection and the detection of late when it comes to lung cancer.

Dr. McKee said: there is a big difference between early and late detection. In fact, those who are diagnosed with lung cancer segment in the last period there is survival after 5 years is below 10%. But if detected in the early stages, the chances of survival back to 90%. The cough can be a symptom not special and when coughing, you never think about cancer.

But if you suffer from prolonged cough 2-3 week, unrelated to the possibility of infection by bacteria, viruses, you should go to see a doctor.

"Also, if you are coughing up blood then need to visit as soon as possible. A few patients coughing up blood if there tumor near the bronchi, "Dr. McKee explained.

There is a big difference between early and late detection.

Don't ignore subjective any unusual signs of the body, because it can be warning signs of diseases or other health problems that you are having

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