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Professor Alex zhavoronkov, 36 years old, is the director of graduate student association, he is your. He recently published a book called ageless (temporarily translation: generation years). This book presents Porn HD a point of view, he believes that if you give up life completely, and people will live longer, even at the age of 150.

Give up

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According to Professor Alex zhavoronkov, so people's life after marriage is quite tedious to reduce liability relationship on children's habits and material wealth.

Answer online mail, the young professor said, slow delay two elements of marriage and reproduction is to change the life of every round of help. In addition, he also suggested that, instead of regular exercise, you should focus on I just said you eat less. Zhavoronkov calories a day, seventeen 1.600 - mainly fruit, yogurt and other protein.
Give up sex.

Professor zhavoronkov Alex

The conclusion of Alex professor zhavoronkov that is also considered appropriate, because in these 10 days, the WHO has announced, who will live in a big world, life is more than 100 years old. In fact, about one hundred years ago, the average life expectancy is 4856 in men and women of your people.


"What is not unrealistic to live 150 years. I have no plans of his own death. You only need to experience 30 years of participation can be like me, "Professor zhavoronkov concluded.


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